Bunraku Olympics:


Table it!

Based on a class developed for Dan Hurlin called “Bunraku Olympics.” Bunraku is a well known traditional Japanese puppetry style that relies on ensemble manipulation.

Grab some friends, crumple some paper and become a Bunraku Olympian in this 2-hour performance class. Working in groups of 3 towards common goals, make discoveries through play, write stories without words. Great team building exercise!

This performance workshop teaches paper puppet construction, table-top puppetry technique and ensemble manipulation.

Minimum of 3 participants.

No Puppetry experience required.

Age: 13 and up

Duration: 2 hours

Pricing: $185 and 3 person minimum. Each additional participant over 3 is $40. For large groups (over 9) feel free to email us for rates.

Reservations required. Please see our Terms and Conditions

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