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We're open for puppetry

Like every business in the entertainment industry, the Puppet Kitchen has seen a significant impact from the COVID-19 global pandemic. We remain committed to keeping the company active, employing designers, builders, teachers, and performers throughout this difficult time. The Puppet Kitchen, and many of the independent contractors we work with, are accustomed to finding creative solutions to unique challenges, and we will continue to bring you puppets and puppetry while we all adapt to the many changes around us.

   -Eric Wright

President, co-founder

Puppet Kitchen International

PK News and Announcements

The Daily Show teaches cryptocurrency with Jordan Klepper and Smugly, performed by Eric Wright and Jamie Bressler. Presented as part of the special episode "Remotely Educational." 

Smugly was designed especially for The Daily Show by Eric Wright, and built by Jamie Bressler and David Bizarro

Puppet Time Online with Eric Wright is your chance to sit down with some of the puppetry community's finest (and Eric) to hear what they know. Tune in live every Wednesday at 2 p.m. Eastern to ask questions and be a part of the conversation! Subscribe on Patreon to support the show, vote on new guests and conversation topic, and receive sweet members-only perks.



Puppet Kitchen is a New York City-based hub for puppetry, offering design, fabrication, performance, and direction.

Whether you’re looking for a giant spectacle, a curious creature, a magical reality, or just the impossible come to life, the Puppet Kitchen can make it happen. Founded in 2008, the Puppet Kitchen brings designers, performers, fabricators, and directors together to elevate productions around the world and handle every facet of creating gorgeous puppetry for the stage, screen, and live events. Led by NYC-based artist Eric Wright, the Puppet Kitchen works in just about every puppetry style and partners with productions of every size to bring stories and characters to life. 

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The Puppet Kitchen's creations are highly imaginative, unabashedly unique and always designed to illuminate stories and characters in the most surprising ways.

Marcia Milgrom Dodge

Theater Director

Todd Strauss-Schulson,

Film Director

Eric and his team can bring anything to life . . . a sweatshirt, a roll of toilet paper, a potato knish . . . but most importantly, they can bring your ideas to life and make them more vivid and soulful than they were in your own mind.

One of the absolute highlights of my recent experience [. . .] was working with the Puppet Kitchen. [They] were a joy to communicate with: prompt, clear, and kind.  The creative process was smooth and collaborative.

Jenny Leon,

Live Event Producer

John Tartaglia,

Puppeteer, Director

They always surpass expectations and deliver a product that is quality, and the process from start to finish is filled with a lot of laughter!

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Invite a puppet to your next virtual meeting!

Introducing: Meeting Monster
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