Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be licensed or have experience to enroll?

No license or experience is needed to enroll. This course is for beginners who want to learn how to apply eyelash extensions

What lash techniques are taught in the course?

This course teaches students how to apply classic lash extensions. At this time, we do not teach hybrid or volume as they are considered advance techniques and should only be done once you have mastered classic lashes. We plan to offer a volume lash training soon!

When can I start training?

Once you purchase the course you will have immediate access to start right away. The course is self paced which means you are able to complete the training at your own speed.

What is the difference between the $99 course and $199 course?

There is no difference in the course itself just the $199 option includes a lash kit that will be mailed to you.

What does the kit include and how long does it take for it to ship out?

The kit includes mannequin head, tweezers, adhesive, eyelash extensions, glue rings, tape, jade stone and eyepads. Essentially everything you need to practice! Once purchased the kit

will be shipped out in 5-7 business days. Tracking information will be emailed once it is shipped from our facility.

Is this course legitimate?

Yes we are an accredited Online Training Course thru BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+

rating. We have trained and certified over 1500 students.

Does this course provide me with a license?

No, we do not provide a license, just a Classic Eyelash Extension Certification. Please check your state regulations to determine if a license is needed.

Will I actually be able to learn how to apply eyelash extensions online?

Yes! Our course provides step by step instructional videos on how to apply, clean, remove and fill eyelash extensions. Our past students have proved that our online course works.

How do I obtain my certification?

Once you complete the online course you will have access to print a digital certificate. In order to receive your hard copy certificate with seal and signature by mail you must email pictures of your actual lash work. Due to COVID-19, students lash work CAN be done on the mannequin head instead of live model.

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