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Many people and a few puppets on a video call

Meeting Monster

Invite a puppet to your next virtual meeting!

Looking for a lighthearted addition to an otherwise humdrum corporate video conference call?
Our puppets are available to:
        • Join any virtual office meeting
        • Deliver a custom message 
        • Make an announcement 
        • Help with team-building
        • Add levity to a presentation
        • Brighten everyone’s day
Whether you're meeting with clients or planning a virtual get-together, our puppets
(and their professional puppeteers) can jump on the call and infuse your event with joy. 

Schedule Your Next Monster Meeting

5 mins
10 mins
5 mins
10 mins
V.I.P. Monster:
For virtual team-building, extended presentations,
custom puppets, or additional puppets,
contact us using the form below for pricing options
Cameo Monster
Our puppet will call in to your meeting and bring smiles to everyone's faces!



Message Monster
Our puppet will call into your meeting and deliver a custom message, make an announcement for your team, or wish your colleague a Happy Birthday!



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Select a Monster
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